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Body Dysmorphia

How to spot it and what can you do


Body DysmorphiaIt is estimated that up to 45% of those who do body building suffer from a condition termed Body Dysmorphia. These individuals feel small no matter how much they train and how big they get.

Body Dysmorphia can be as minor as someone going to the gym more regularly than normal to people for example, continuing to train with broken wrists and enhancing drugs to get even bigger.

If you or a loved one are worried about this condition, then there are some signs that can point to this problem:

  • Constantly wanting to get bigger
  • Looking in the mirror at every opportunity
  • Taking enhancing drugs to get bigger
  • Training at all times regardless of anything else going on in life
  • Lack of interest in anything other than the gym
  • Family and social issues due to excess time in the gym
  • Depression or aggression due to perceived lack of size
  • Constant dieting or over-eating
  • Ignoring health issues
  • Obsession with bodies in the media
  • Excessive use of supplements and diet aids
  • Going on the scales all the time

What can you do if you or a loved one suffers from Body Dysmorphia?
Often just as something has triggered this problem, something can snap the individual back to reality. If this is not the case, then talking to someone about the problem can be useful.

As with most psychological conditions, Body Dysmorphia may need the attention of a counselor or psychotherapist. They may need to talk to the person to seek the route of the issue and then try to correct it.

Body Dysmorphia can affect your health, mental balance and well-being and should not be ignored.



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