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The TRUTH about how fat burning supplements REALLY WORK

Find out exactly what is a fat burner and how it works


Many people are of the belief that you don’t need fat burners and that you can lose weight without them. Is this true?

It is certainly true that if you are determined and persistent enough, you can lose weight without any fat burning supplements. There is no doubt about that. However, most people either don’t know how to do this or are not persistent enough and give up after not seeing much results.

The people who don’t consider fat burners as a quick way of losing weight are either too set in their ways and stubborn or mis-informed about exactly how a weight loss supplement works. Let’s find out the truth about just what it is that a fat burning pill does and how it works.

In your average day, eating your normal meals, you may or may not come across ingredients that naturally burn body fat. Depending on your diet, you may eat certain foods and ingredients which trigger fat burning in your body. This very much depends on your diet. Below are some example of fat burning ingredients and foods that contain them:

  • Chromium - Found in Brewer’s Yeast, bran, wheat germ, lettuce, raw onions, green beans…
  • Carnitine - Found in Collard greens, mustard, okra, parsley, apricots, bee pollen, kale, buckwheat, rye…
  • Inositol - Found in nuts, seeds, cantaloupe, citrus fruits….

You see, if you ate a diet which had the above, you may burn fat. But seriously, how many people have diets which contain the above and on a regular basis AND in sufficient amounts to give high doses of the corresponding fat burning ingredients? Not many and hence why it is difficult to have a naturally-aspired fat burning diet.

Bring into the equation fat burners and in particular, natural fat burners of the kind that LA Muscle manufactures. What they contain is a high amount of the relevant natural fat burning ingredients found in food. However, the beauty of these weight loss supplements is that they contain sufficient amounts of ingredients like Chromium and Carnitine AND when you take them regularly, such as 3 times a day, they really get working on burning some serious fat.

You see, when you know a little bit more about fat burners and how they work, they are not scary or dangerous at all. And for the majority of people that struggle to lose weight, they are a god-send and a quick and easy way of losing weight without side effects. They give you what a fat burning diet will NEVER give you. They give you the right weight loss ingredients found in food but in high doses and they give you ALL of these ingredients without the guessing and the uncertainty.

If you wanted to devise a natural diet with foods that are high in fat burners, you would be spending your whole days calculating and EATING! That’s not going to help you lose weight!

If you do have excess body fat and you want to lose it in a relatively short space of time, then do yourself a favour and get some natural fat burners which contain food extracts and have been proven to burn fat. A good place to start is the ultra popular, fast-acting and very safe Thermo 24.



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