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Featured athlete

Craig Gow

Fitness Model and Football player

Craig first found an interest in the gym when he was in South Africa playing football. An unfortunate injury kept Craig on the sideline for a lengthy period of time and he was told to visit the gym to help build on his strength. He was taught basic techniques for lifting weights and as he continued to train he noticed a difference in his strength and power, he also noticed improvements in his physique and muscle gains.

Craig’s motivation began to increase when he noticed the positive changes his body was undergoing. This helped his desire to continue visiting the gym and training as hard as he was. Craig also began to follow Celebrity Trainer Rob Riches after watching his videos on YouTube Craig found Rob’s physique appealing.


  • Played football at a youth pro level
  • Won multiple trophies and part of a successful team
  • Trained with South Africa national team u20s
Future Goals:
  • Continue to work hard and improve his physique
  • To qualify as a personal trainer

Craig is currently using LA Whey, Norateen Heavyweigt 2 and Vasculator.
Craig Gow

Craig Gow

Craig  Gow
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